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open bugs:
  • in very rare situations ( playfield is nearly filled with blocks) some tiles keep hanging in the sky ( thanks Diglio A. Simoni for discovering)
20040928 beta 0.61
  • at program start a link to gravytris on the desktop is generated (can be switched off in the menu "options->startup->create a desktop shortcut" )
  • user requested: big preview tile in the background can now be switched off
  • updated to latest libs: GLEW 1.2.4 (The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library); fltk 1.5rc2; Flu 2.13
  • skybox issue fixed
  • trackball spinning disabled - if a user accidently moves the world with the trackball and releases the mousebutton in motion, the scene would spin endlessly - only stop-able with a right klick again - this could confuse trackball-inexperienced users
  • bug fixed concerning highscore input. game crashed if no user input for a long time. thanks to Fausti @ http://p089.ezboard.com/bgameofrobot
  • crc error for gravytris_light.exe removed.
  • about - info box added
  • online update check programmed - checks for updates if user uploades a highscore and if user chooses menu "about->check for updates"
20040605 beta 0.6
  • added icon to the win32 executable
  • music now really stops playing if music-toggle button is pressed
  • options menu: volume setting range from 0..100 to 0..1 changed.
  • completely changed from own archive handler to PhysicsFS archive handling lib ( http://www.icculus.org/physfs )
  • random music play now possible ( sdl_mixer patched to stream ogg files)
  • new game mode: puzzle ( complex tiles and speed does not increase. you always play at level 1.)
  • block colors: yellow was not yellow but magenta (ugh!) - now its yellow again..
  • new complex tiles added, and too complex tiles removed.
  • my new website: www.coreloop.com
  • gravytris is now in www.coreloop.com/games/gravytris or use www.gravytris.tk
  • changed to opengl extension handling lib GLEW ( http://glew.sourceforge.net/ )
  • tile touchdown now handled correctly. now you can move a tile to the bottom AND still move it left / right. only after another movedown keystroke the tile touches finally and a new tile is generated.
  • cube reflection mapping on nvidia fixed. seems that texture coordinate generation on nvidia cards must be explicitly enabled, while on ati cards it is done implicitly by the drivers.
20040424 beta 0.5
  • fixed: if computer was playing and user changed options, computer stopped playing and user could continue playing current computer game (and using current computer score - very bad...)
  • preview tile animation fixed (playtile startposition was at bottom instead of pos in preview list)
  • splashscreen (new) and loading progress (fixed)
  • initial keyboard focus set to glwindow instead of the pause button
  • 3 new block del fade effect
  • closing window with alt+f4 or the (X) now really closes the program
  • status of visual fx and fullscreen gui elements now correctly loaded from options.dat after startup
  • random music play disabled, because there is still an "ogg play from archive" bug..
  • updated to latest releases of used libraries: libsdl1.2.7, sdl_mixer
  • keyboard focus disabled buttons below openglwindow. if they can get focus, current game is paused. this interrupts gameplay and confuses user..
20040409 beta 0.4
  • new: at initial start of gravytris, a speed-selection dialog appears
  • now storing window-size in options.dat
  • in mouse control after dropping (left click) the play tile it cannot be moved anymore (to avoid missplacements if accidently moving the mouse a little bit)
  • resize bug (crash after several window-resizings) fixed
  • support for music loading directly from exe-file or a music.pak - file
  • now using lib tinyxml for parameter files - simple, yet great lib
  • now using treebrowser from flulib (addon for fltk) for options
  • predefined settings in options dialog
  • fixed bug: cubemapping and motionblur together does not work
  • skybox fixed, still a (not really noticable) cubemap bug
20040205 beta 0.3 another long break, new beta-version here: gravytris.zip, 1.6 mbyte, or just download the executable directly, you can directly start it. no installation required gravytris.exe, 3.6 mbyte new:
  • mouse control
  • some eyecandy
20030512 beta 0.25 new:
  • computer player
  • highscore uploading
  • new interface
20030503 beta 0.2 nearly a year later: continued development after a long break, new beta-version here: gravytris.zip, 1.6 mbyte, or just download the executable directly, you can directly start it. no installation required :-) gravytris.exe, 2.7 mbyte new:
  • loading graphic - and sound-files directly from the executable
  • some particle effects added
  • cubemapping, if your hardware supports it