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Max Würden
Max Würden: born 197X, lives in Germany. Movie soundtrack composer. Originally drummer. Würden knows what ambient music is all about, and demonstrates his knowledge skillfully. The quietly magical soundscenes of ORTLOS are undeniable, yet mirage-like, encompassing your listening space with dreamy synth/texture immersions, and spare use of percussion and samples. Great!

Have a look at his new album "Ortlos", you can order it at farfield records.

Jochen De Schepper aka Moonspider
Moonspider creates different styles of electronic music, commercial dance, trance and chillout. He started making electronic music in 1996, with tracker programs. After a long silent period, he recently started playing with Reason. His first trancy tune, Dark Star, was finished at the end of 2002, and chillout and dance remixes followed soon. Please visit Moonspider's music-page.
Sabine Dirksen aka Elektr@
elektr@, the ancient heroine ?
no, this time it is the electronic artist sabine charlotte dirksen. born in 1955 in wessling near cologne and after years of study and work in bonn and ulm she is living today in isny/allgäu as a free artist “t h r o u g h music and f r o m her work as a nurse for the elderly”. being driven since 1990 by a “life-saving search” for professional compensation, she has been enthusiastic of electronic music and the work with the necessary instruments. after an intense phase of “gathering and learning” old analogue synthesizers and drumboxes, which strongly influenced her early, instrumental and minimal works, she is working “still greedy for sounds” with a broader basis of hard- and software she started out in the recording@home-type of working, producing her music alone in the secluded allgäuer roserstudio (south of germany,close to austria and switzerland) from the initial, musical idea to the self-made CDR. but she is also searching for contacts to other musical artists on the internet, aiming at an intensified cooperation and at building and influencing so-called networks, e.g the label tonAtom. currently she is working with other artists on concepts for performing live, giving her the stimulus for her targets “to create versatile and varied music and not to stand still.” Please visit Elektra's music-page.
Helpful People around the World
I want to say THANK YOU for support, testing, ideas and of course playing gravytris!
in no specific order! grandy, atofarn, fred304, dwayne, rayrich aka volkmar, robinsword, and ... of course many others!!